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First Day 2012

So today is my first day of classes for fall 2012 – it feels like I’m rounding the corner to my degree… Music theory is all done, and I’m now in all upper division classes (except for my private lessons, my fault for panicking during juries last semester and biffing it on my scales). This semester I have wind practicum, string practicum, clarinet choir, wind ensemble, private lessons, scoring and arranging, music education in elementary schools, and teaching special needs students. I was also enrolled in marching band techniques, but only 6 people registered and the school requires at least 8 to carry a class. Luckily the teacher will be offering it again next fall, instead of in 2 years like it used to be. I have about 3 semesters left after this one (so a total of 4), and then I’ll have my music ed degree!

The scariest part about today is that it’s auditions, and my clarinet broke about a month ago – because it was the back to school rush, the repair guy can’t get to it until the second week of September, which means I’m going into wind ensemble and auditions blind – I don’t even have a school clarinet yet, because the person in charge of checking out the wind instruments isn’t here yet. So hopefully I have a horn when I go to band class later today – if not, well I guess I can hold my broken one and feel left out.

At least 3 pads are falling out and flapping in the breeze, the poor thing can’t play in the upper octave, and can’t play in the lower octave in tune. I guess if I have to, I’ll audition on it, but the Stravinsky Firebird won’t happen (that’s actually what I was playing when the pads all started falling out!). I might be able to muddle through Tchaikovsky’s Symphony 5, since it’s all lower.

Hey! I just saw him walk by, maybe I can catch him and get a horn…

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