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hace calor!

Holy cow, it’s hot. Or I’m overheated. Or something. I’ve had to run from the GT building (very top of campus) to the ME building (very bottom of campus), back to the GT (which is where I am now, waiting for my next class), and after this one I have to run all the way back to the ME.

Yikes. I am already at 8000 steps walked, and 11 flights of stairs traversed, and I still have to go down 5 flights and back up 6 before I can be done for the day.

I’m trying to figure out if maybe it’s worth trying to bring my bike to school, just to ride it between classes – though the hill is so steep that I might be able to walk up the stairs faster than I can pedal up the hill.

I tried walking across campus outside, but it was so hot I think I started to melt… I have been sooo spoiled by having all my other classes in the GT building within 3 floors.

Anyhow, my next class starts in about 10 minutes, I better be off!

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