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Dumb Thyroid!

Finally a bit of vindication! I’m not fat because I’m lazy, a glutton, or don’t care… I’m fat cuz I’m broken. And not only that, but a fixable broken!

On Monday I went to a new doctor, because I’d gone nowhere over the last 6 years with my regular family doctor. He checked all my vitals, and drew some blood for some extra labs that my other doctor never bothered to do…

Sure enough, my thyroid does make thyroid hormone, but not enough, and what it does make it can’t use effectively – I use up the little bit of natural T3 I do make, but then my body can’t turn T4 into RT3(reverse T3+iodine), leaving me at a deficiency for the very thing my body craves.

That would explain why my TSH is elevated, but still within “normal” range, and would explain why my radioactive iodine uptake and scan thing didn’t show anything – there’s no cancer, which is great, just an inability to get enough T3 into my system.

I also find it interesting that my arthritis in my hands, and my joint pain? That’s a major symptom of T3 deficiency. My fatigue, high cholesterol, confused/foggy brain, food allergies, blood sugar issues, inability to lose weight, dry scalp… all of those are symptoms of hypothyroid and/or T3 issues. So I really really hope that my new medication will help with all of these health issues that I have been ignoring for the last 6 years…

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